Lust / Encounter 情/事

Lust / Encounter 情/事 (2018-ongoing)

Polaroid (Video Slideshow, 01:39 min excerpt of 08:36 min)

In Mandarin, the character “情” (lust) and the character “事” (affair) have two possible ways of combination. If we put “affair” before “lust”, it means “an issue, an encounter” (事情). If we put “affair” after “lust”, it means “a sexual rendezvous, an intimate experience” (情事). The polaroids that I’ve accumulated over the past year is somewhere in between the two. The bodies in the photographs are of my lover’s, my friends’, and of people in my artist community. Their bodies reveal, perform and interact with me and my camera, leaving the traces of many unique, private experiences between us. These encounters imitate the process of producing a polaroid — ephemeral, visceral and irreplicable.